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Stay & Drive


Discover Kefalonia by car...
Price includes Hotel Room on B/B basis and A group car. (Toyota Aygo or similar)
Car will be deliverd one day after the arrival.
The offer is valid based on car availability.
Driver’ s Age: The minimum age of the driver is 23 years. The maximum age for all drivers is 75 years.
Driver’ s License: The driver(s) must be a holder(s) of a driver’s license for at least a year, which has to be valid for the European Union. Drivers from non-European Union countries must have an valid international driver’s license.
The car rental price includes the following coverage:
– Comprehensive Insurance Cover (CDW)
– Personal Accident Insurance (Death, partial or total disability of the driver of the car)
– Third Party Insurance (Material damage of third parties, Death, partial or total disability of the passengers of the car)
– Fire insurance
– Theft protection
– Unlimited mileage
– Road assistance 24 hrs
Collision Damage Waiver:
included in the rental price, reduces the liability of the renter, to a maximum of € 550 for categories Α, A1,B and B1,to a maximum of € 650 for category C and to a maximum of €800 for category D. This does not include damages, caused by traffic violations, damage to the tyres, wheels, loss or damage of keys, or damage to the undercarriage or the interior of the car.
Additional Driver: An additional driver is allowed and free of charge in every car, as long as he/she is within the age limits and fulfils all the driver’s license conditions.
Child Seats/Booster: Provided upon request, with an additional charge of € 3,00 per day.
Petrol: We use only unleaded petrol, which is the responsibility of the renter. Replenishment of petrol to the level noted when delivered, will be charged cash or to the credit card.
Operating hours: Pick up and return of the car can be arranged between 08:00 and 22:00. Outside of these operating hours there is an extra charge of 20.00 EUR for pick-up or return.
The renter is not covered by any insurance and totally reliable for any costs, fines and damages in the following cases:
– The renter is under influence of alcohol, medicine or other narcotics
– Damage to the tyres, wheel rims, undercarriage of the car, and loss or breakage of the car key
– Damages by own lack of responsibility
– Carriage of more passengers, than permitted
– Taking part in a motor sport events, test drives and/or driving exams
– Other use than own transportation, such as transportation of persons for payment, driving lessons, transportation of goods
– Transport highly flammable, poisonous or other hazardous materials
– Perform customs or other illegal acts, even if those are only subject to prosecution at the location the act is committed
– Offer rental to third parties
Car Brands & Models:
All bookings are made by car category and not by car type or model. In every case, the company reserves the right to change the model or the type of the car, without prior warning.
Transport of Rental Car by Boat: It is forbidden to transport the car by boat without previously obtaining permission in writing from the company.
Taxes & VAT 24%: Included in the rental price.
Traffic Violations – Fines: All fines from illegal parking and violations of the traffic code that occur during the rental period, are the renter’s responsibility and will be charged to him.
Failure to pick up or early return of the car: If the renter fails to pick-up the car within 1 hour after the agreed time for reasons the renter is accountable for a cancellation fee of 1 rental day.