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Politica ambientale

Environmental policy

Environmental policy of the hotel "MIRABEL" Our Hotel it`s a Greek owned company, dedicated to customer`s satisfaction, excellent service and provision of services always in conjunction with the respect to the environment and society. Our hotel aims to minimize the Environmental footprint of the activities of applying modern technologies and Green management practices.

In strategic planning for environmental protection:

  • We ensure that we comply with all the applicable Environmental laws and Regulations.
  • Apply the principle of “prevention” as it concern the creation of waste and waste water.
  • Always appreciate the impact of our operation on the environment and apply practices for their reduction.
  • Constantly train our staff in Environmental issues in order to understand the importance of its contribution to the achievement of our objectives.
  • We cooperate with specialized engineers in that regard measures management and saving energy and water.
  • We set goals and evaluate their success.

Our objectives are implemented by the following actions and which constantly evolve:
Management and rational use of energy and water.
  • Use energy saving lamps and LED.
  • Use professional low water use devices and energy in the kitchen.
  • Application of the system “Wash on demand “for reducing washing number

Αpplication of the triptych «Prevent-Reuse-Recycling».
  • “Touch” recycling batteries and electrical appliances (AHS L.T.D).
  • Paper recycling ,aluminums ,glass and plastics (Intermunicipal Corporation).

Waste management
  • Grease collector`s use in the kitchen.
  • liquid disposal of waste in biological purification of The city.

Natural environment
  • Protection of coastal and marine environment.
  • Nature and landscape protection.

Social environmental practices
  • Cooperation with local authorities to maintain the Natural beauty.
  • Cooperation with schools to develop and consolidate the environmental consciousness.
  • Financial support and cooperation with environmental organizations to organize activities around the island.
  • Education of workers in environmental issues and update of our customers.