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Politica di qualità

Our vision is to provide excellent services, in a completely renovated and modernized accommodation and to be the ‘number one’ hotel in Argostoli, with recognition in Greece and abroad.

Our purpose is the continuous improvement of the infrastructure and services, utilizing modern means of communication and promotion, staff with specialized knowledge and experience, oriented in the proper operation and management of the rooms, the observance of hygiene and safety standards, environmental protection and prompt and courteous service for the full satisfaction of our customers.

Having a sense of social and environmental awareness, in order to achieve our goals, we are committed to:

” know the quality level of the respective hotels and to be the best. ” implement a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015.
” utilize, the best possible, personnel’s know-how and experience, while ensuring good working conditions, focusing on continuous education.
” ensure that all personnel know the Quality Policy, the objectives and have full understanding of the Management System.
” to ensure all assets necessary to achieve the objectives and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management System.
” to monitor the correct implementation of the Management System processes.
” to follow and abide by the law, especially in health and safety issues.
” to have modernized software and hardware for the proper reservations management.
” evaluate and satisfy (where possible) specific customer requirements and vulnerable social groups.
” respect and upgrade the environment.
” implement modernized ways of informing our customers and to collect evaluation data.
” work with all stakeholders – local authorities, ministries, EOT, XEE to improve our performance.
” identify and reduce the failure as to eliminate.

We believe that all the above has resulted, not only to the MIRABEL HOTEL’s optimal image but also to a sense of pride and satisfaction for all of us, management and personnel, working to provide quality services.

The General Manager